Not exactly 100% or ‘as if I was never injured’, but I have passed a big milestone: I did the splits with my right leg forward.  That takes a lot of flexibility in the right hamstrings, and is something I have not been able to do since before I injured my hamstring in May. (Left leg forward came as early as July, but that isn’t very hard for the right hamstrings. )


I have been working on strengthening more and now that I am getting closer to ‘even’ between left and right legs, I may be ready for the stretching ban suggested by my physio.  🙁

Standing bow update


  1. Wow! Congratulations on your hard work and recovery.

    You look lean and strong. And that splits move is impressive. (Also: go, Canada!)

  2. i love the face you are making in the splits picture. you are so damn cute.
    love you

  3. ba ha ha ha
    i love the christmas goat too!!!
    he he he
    (know that i am bleeting right now!)

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