Sunny XC

A beautiful day for skiing, with snow on the trees and a low sun shining everything.

The weather report said highs of zero today, perfect for a nice long ski! It was certainly sunny and beautiful, although substantially colder than advertised (lows of -14!) However, I am tougher on my second winter here and was keen to get out on the trails in the sunshine. It was great! Jennie and I went to Hemlingby and it was not too busy, although there were a shocking number of families our for a little ski and an open-fire-cooked hot dog picnic.

I already feel stronger than last year, maybe due to more running this year and more leg weights in the gym. My balance is still a bit of a gong show, but I can work on that. Jennie lent me her (faster, well-waxed) skis and gave me some technical pointers for double polling. Both worked great! I am on-board about getting some new faster equipment, and looking forward to going out again and developing more rhythm with the poles. I also can’t wait to do some skiing with Graham and Erica and the gang in Vancouver… I hope I can keep up with Erica now (at least on the flats). If not, I can still feel authentic by swearing in Swedish and pretending Erica is Norwegian. Callaghan, here we come!

Butt shot!

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