Happy Lucia!

Grattis, Signe.

No whipped-cream cake for her! She is all about the stinky cat food.

Check out the great pictures and video showing this year’s Lussekatt.   Although my favourite cat came 4th (always the bridesmaid…) it is hard to grudge this year’s winner.

She was a rescue cat,  who along with her mom, was scooped from a pile of snow and nursed back to health by her kind people.  Her ears were frost-bitten, giving her a characteristic moth-nibbled look.   She is a real survivor, if a bit skittish.  This reminds me of another cute Signe who is also very tough.  🙂

The video is great even if you don’t know Swedish, the cats playing is universal and the serious kitchen interview with the owners is fun, given the topic.