Shopping in Swedish

Julbokar for sale in the main square.

On Saturday I had the chance to wander around town and see the Christmas shopping melee. Here are some pictures from that day…

An awesome Swedish Team XC ear warmer... for only $52!!
or perhaps you would like a faux-fur trimmed Norwegian-theme knit cap with grampa-earflaps? ...a steal at $86
I thought about getting some of these to eat in front of Elizabeth, and then TOTALLY NOT SHARING MY FEELINGS
Wiener Nougat. I never thought this was hilarious until I talked to Richard about Swedish labels.
I thought Bernie would appreciate this, given her recent muesli-making foray. This is the make-your-own muesli bar, newly installed at the local grocery store.
They have some recipes for make your own muesli: one scoop apricots, 2 scoop barley flakes, 1 scoop puffed wheat.


  1. I made the top pic my background. It’s so great. Kristina saw it and wants to know if they even set the little julbok on fire.

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