A decorated outdoor tree with the crescent moon in the background

I wanted to check out a Swedish Christmas market, and it turns out there is a nice outdoor one at an outdoor amusement park just down the road. Furuvik is dangerously close the the Skutskar paper mill (‘stink factory’, as Graham calls it), but is a really nice outdoor park with rides and a zoo, kind of like a mini-Skansen.

Jennie warming her hands at one of the many open fires at Furuvik.

They had set up thousands and thousands of lights, mostly electric but also lots of outdoor candles (picture a giant tealight) and some hand-warming fires conveniently located throughout the park.

Furuvik advertises 10,000 lights. Half are on this oak!
A classic Swedish fence, all dressed up for Christmas
The sheep don't care it is -16 C

It was a cold afternoon/evening for wandering around, but I did pull off my mittens for the petting zoo. I would rather have found Meowy Svendsen, but the sheep were also very friendly. They had an enormous amount of wool – and they need ALL of it – but apparently they get shorn in March, when there is often still some snow around! I hope they get to keep a little.

Hockey stick and strap-on skates, kick-sled, and other Swedish winter items of yore.
Julbok, sleds, and other Christmas-y stuff

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