Jump right into it

737s always remind me of domestic travel on Westjet.

I had a good trip back, and despite taking 3 separate flights leaving from 3 countries I got here without delays and with all my luggage.

Yesterday was my 8th full day in Sweden since coming back from Canada. Most of those days have been spent at the airport doing the flight loader project rather than at my apartment in Gävle.

When my plane landed, I went to the hotel and met with my colleagues to plan the next day of research at the airport. I wasn’t exactly adapted to the 9-hour time difference, but luckily we had to get up at 03:30 for a morning shift, so my sleeplessness would be put to good use.

Naturally we had some challenges in the first days of sampling, but we seem to have settled into a rhythm. The days are long; we arrive before the workers show up, and then they arrive before their shift starts so we can set up the equipment, then they work all day (un)loading planes. THEN we take off the equipment and start the process of data download and back-up, which can take a while.  After that we go to a hotel, sleep, and repeat for 2 additional days.

I think this explains why I haven’t made many posts since coming back. 😉