Ride ‘n’ Ski

Sunsets are beautiful, and coming later all the time. Things are a bit colder in the evening, though.

Tuesday was almost a day off, with a minimum of work and a lot of chores. I did some much needed grocery shopping, saw to some long-overdue repairs on my bike, did some sadly-neglected Swedish homework, and rode out for a ski at Hemlingby.

New skis make their Swedish debut

My new skis are fast and I had one wipeout on a downhill corner, but overall I really like having so much glide and being able to double pole so much. I plan to practice hopping in and out of tracks and some more downhill corners so I can do some skill-building for the ‘big day’.

A little icy but trackset

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  1. I don’t see any hills!!! I am glad you can put away at 25-30km ski day so easily. I am still bagged from last weekend and all the hills in Callaghan where twice as steep as before. Oh well, we’ll be racing there next weekend.

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