The magnolias in Jordan's garden.

People don’t always do the right thing, and when they do they often seem motivated by what other people will think. It is special to do something good or make a sacrifice when no one will ever find out about it, or pat you on the back, or acknowledge your efforts.

Jordan helped me to see the rewards in doing right by others. She is a few years younger than me and as teenagers it was strange for her to be ‘teaching’ me, but she was gentle and non-judgmental about it like a zen master (that’s how it needed to be, since I don’t respond too well to judgment or condescension). She say something like ‘I wonder what it is like for her…’ and help me see a situation with more compassion. It wasn’t too long before I had revised my goals to include ‘being a better person’ (pretty new for a selfish athlete-type) and started asking myself the question: what would Jordan do? I am so glad we are friends and I am still learning a lot from her!

Happy Birthday Jordan!