Flight Loaders in the News

Lemme hear you Arlanda!

Last month while we were doing measurements at the airport I gave a tour of the project and an interview to a journalist. The article is now published (in Swedish, naturally).

Rather than reproduce the whole Google translation here, I will give some instructions on how to google translate (hi Mom and Dad!)

1. Go to google translate at http://translate.google.com

2. Make sure that the languages at the top say ‘from Swedish to English’

3. Paste some text into the box  OR paste a web address into the box

4. Click ‘Translate’ and voilá!

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  1. It’s even easier if Google Chrome is your browser. Click link, page loads, and then the bar at the top asks if you want to translate the page. Easy-peasy. I kinda love Chrome.

    The translations are remarkably clear, even if they don’t get all the grammar or pronouns exactly right – the meaning is there, including “9000 bucks a pop”. I’d like to hear you say that in Swedish.

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