Swedish Cooking

Of course I am pretty interested in food and food traditions, and I have really enjoyed matching up the Swedish holidays with particular foods – secular as it is, the foods seem to keep a lot of the traditions going. No one really cares about lent, but no one will let Fettisdag go by without a semla!

Trained chef Hasse and fellow recipe enthusiast Camilla have been great tutors in Swedish foods. Camilla gave me a great book to further my education: VÃ¥r Kok Bok, the Swedish answer of the joy of cooking.  It has all the Swedish favourites in it, but also has a great description of all the ingredients, including colour pictures with labels!  This helps a lot in the grocery store so I can buy things for the recipes.  Now that I don’t have any more airport trips planned, I am keen to spend some time reading it over and making some of the recipes.   Get ready for some cooking posts!

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  1. mom and I just watched this together, dad cued it up for us.

    He had already seen it. He said it was “outrageous” and also “lovely.”

    “Laugh out loud fun”, is what mum said. Also, she liked how the chef was able to stop everything to take a phone call, even the popcorm stopped popping… awesome!

    I love the sweedish chef. I like how he was trying to make popcorn – shrimpies. I loved the music and the shrimpies.

    Thanks for sharing this bit of fun.

    I hope your sweedish joy of cooking is proving to be fun, and delicious.

    love you millions!

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