Warmer weather means that tulips can be sold in the outdoor market without freezing.

I am glad the snow held off until after the HalvVasan, but it has been disappearing steadily since then.  Last weekend the snow was not so great for skiing -  water on the tracks where it was really sunny, hard ice going uphill in the shade, and no tracks in some spots.  I did not have the best wax combo for this, so I had some slips going uphill.  This Sunday was a run instead of a ski.

More sunshine means I can successfully grow plants in the window box again.

I have really got used to winter snow while in Sweden, and I even like it now. I also really like the green spring, which seems even better when it comes so late. However, the slushy weeks in between are just a pain. It is no good for skiing, but also too wet and slippery for good running. The melt-freeze cycle makes bike riding either treacherously slippery or wet and splashy and dirty. The snow banks turn black and brown and the dog poop and gravel that has been stuck in the snow is released.

I had a great ‘plan’ for the snow to stay cold and nice for skiing for the month of March, and then for all the slushy melting to happen when I am in Canada in April, so I can comeback to warm green spring. So much for that!