Strange Research Contest

We were studying how magnetic fields affects sadness in carrots...

As with last year, we are having a contest at work to see who can come up with the strangest scientific research articles.  In case you didn’t read about it last year, this is a fun event with two ways to participate:  1) Find the strangest published research paper you can, or 2) Make up an article (or title with abstract) of strange but maybe plausible research.

Folks can enter as many times as they like for a chance to win 3 prizes:

  1. The strangest article, by votes
  2. The REAL article that most people thought was fake
  3. The FAKE article that most people thought was real

I am collecting articles on March 30 so we can vote on them March 31 and April first, with prizes awarded April 1st.  Blog readers can also submit entires via email and I will include them with the others.   Time to start trawling PubMed and your imagination for buried treasure, and we can see if truth is stranger than fiction!