Stormy days

A storm rolling into Boundary Bay

It has warmed up a lot here, and the spring is really blowing into town on some big winds from the West. Elja says that there is a rash of colds in Sweden after the first days of above-freezing, because everyone runs around with T-shirts and no socks to enjoy the ‘warmth’. I never thought that 2 degrees would feel warm to me, or that I would be a little sad about the end of winter and the melting snow, but here we are.

Sun shining on dark clouds... these picture were taken at Semiahmoo in Blaine, WA in January. The sea is the best place to see stormy weather, but I don't have a good view of the sea from town.

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  1. I love both of these photos, for different reasons. That one of the tower with the moody light above and the stream of gold below is a stunner! Nicely done.

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