Go Skatch

Looking North on the South Saskatchewan River. Look out for floating ice chunks!

Most of my visits to Saskatchewan have been for kayak racing, but this last week I went to visit the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. The province looks a lot different in April than it does in August. The snow has just finished melting, kind of like Sweden when I left.

Saskatchewan's beloved native son.

Saskatoon is a (very) small city with a reputation for friendly people. It is true that although the wind is chilly, the people are warm. Saskatchewan is the only province to have a communist provincial government, and is also the birthplace of Canada’s universal healthcare system. I guess cooperation and sharing come naturally here.

Rawwrrr! Ready to eat someone right off a toilet.

The University’s Geography/Biology building has some fantastic displays of dinosaur skeletons, aquarium fish and terrarium plants.

These guys were always my favourite because they are vegetarian but also kick a lot of ass.

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