Swedish Spring

The River is running fast and cold and high, but the many dams on the river keep the water level pretty well controlled.

I came back to Swedish Spring… highs of 20 degrees and flowers everywhere. The Spring arrive late, but makes up for it by going full blast for a few weeks.  There is really a striking difference from when I left a couple of weeks ago.

Not all the snowbanks are gone, especially if they were big and sit in the shade.

I felt pretty lucky to be in Vancouver when the cherry blossoms, daffodils, and tulips were blooming.  However, now that I am back it is warmer here and the flowers are really accelerating because of all the daylight.  On Easter Sunday the sun will rise at 5:06 and set at 20:33 (with substantial twilight on either end), so there is lots of daylight and everything feels optimistic.

There are flowers like this all over every lawn, and all over the forest between the trees.

Today Divya and I went to the park to play frisbee, took a bicycle tour of town, and finished off with an ice cream cone at the local park (Beacon Hill style). Awesome!

Sprinkles included