Bunny time!

Happy Easter! On Easter Monday the temperature was over 25 degrees at ten o’clock, and Easter Sunday was nearly as warm. People clearly had a hankering for spring (a ‘vÃ¥rsugen’) and the parks were full of people all weekend long. I was working on a course section I start teaching this coming week, but still got the chance to get out and enjoy the fresh (warm!) air everyday. Viva friluften!

On Easter Sunday Divya, Shyam and I rode bikes to Hemlingby and had a cookout. We roasted veggie dogs and bananas over a fire and enjoyed this magical window where the weather is FANTASTIC but the bugs aren’t awake yet.

Roasting quorn wieners
Grill buffet

We also went for a walk on some of the trails in the park. We avoided my usual ski loop and went on some of the paths I haven’t seen for a while. On the way we visited with some of the animals that live in the park.

Divya and pony
Looking for treats

The trees are leafing out almost before our eyes and the blÃ¥sippor and vitsippor are popping up all over. Walking at Hemlingby I was reminded of Elizabeth’s visit this time last year – the warm weather came even earlier this year.

Tulips... now in Sweden!

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  1. I can’t believe it’s that warm in Sweden. I am still wearing my gloves and toque riding into wrok each morning 🙂

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