Happy Birthday Graham!

Just what it looks like

This year I made Graham a birthday card. Naturally, it depicts two dinosaurs fighting with light sabers in front of an erupting volcano and the death star. Like the blessed pizza, this one also came to me in a dream. Unfortunately I ripped the edge of the paper when I was removing it from the block so it had a little repair. I hope it reaches Graham safely in time for his birthday!

It may interest you to know that Graham is not only admired by you and I, but all of his paddling teammates.  Graham is not into social networking like myspace or facebook or twitter, so some of his teammates sought to fill the gap in Graham’s online presence with a tumblr feed describing his various (fake) exploits.  Feel free to add a question or comment; I notice there is no description of the time he carried Nathan’s sofa up 4 flights of stairs with Nathan still sitting in it.


  1. this is so awesome!
    I love the card, and how it was dream inspired! Also I love the Tumbler of Graham’s incredible feats! he he he. So awesome!

    Graham you are amazing!

    Catherine I love this card, and this post, and that tumbler! (and also you!)

  2. My favourite part of this post is, “Naturally…”

    Happy Birthday, Graham! Congrats on finally getting the recognition you deserve on your own tumblr.

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