Midsummer checklist

A bouquet of wild midsommarblomster. There are lots to choose from! The Swedish summer is short but intense

Friday was the midsummer holiday in Sweden. Last year’s midsummer festivities were hard to beat, but I still set out to see what midsummer 2011 had to offer.

The first midsommar stång of the day in the river park.
Midsummer is for everyone. Some of my favourtie participants this year were a pair of punked out too-cool-for-school teenage boys who held hands and did the frog dance.
Watch the band through a bunch of dancers
The second midsommar stång of the day... demonstrating the changable weather.
Smultroner (wild strawberries)... you just need to know where to look! Although it would take 6 hours to find enough for a good snack. My condolences to those in the lower mainland who are still waiting for strawberries
It is always kind of someone to take a picture for you, even if they frame the shot to have a midsommarstång growing out of your head.

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  1. That midsommarstång grows out of your head so beautifully, though.

    Seeing that bouquet of flowers actually made me a little weepy – it is so very Catherine, the way you take a random group of found things, and turn it into a beautiful, cohesive whole. The artistry there is so very you.

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