The epic quest for mjukglass

Not to rub it in to my Lower Mainland homies, but it has been really warm here.

The Swedish summer is really great, highlighted by the long cold winter that really makes you feel as though you earned it. When I first arrived in Sweden I really noticed the foods that were missing, but there are a lot of foods that Sweden really does well.  This time of year the most imporant seems to be ice cream.  Not only is it delicious and high-quality, but it is relatively cheap and comes in interesting flavours.  Fig-mint or raspberry-salt liquorice, anyone?

Soft-serve ice cream is also popular, and my favourite comes from Ikea.  Ikea is about 10km bike ride away, but its is a nice bike ride through countryside, with plenty of horses along the way.  It is a bonus that this soft serve (mjukglass) is also the cheapest at 5kr – probably a good thing it is not next door or I might eat ice cream for dinner.

Happy Canada day, everyone!

The view of a canola field on the way to Ikea. Fields, power lines, and hayballs in the distance. Is this a view I could get used to?
The reward! ...already melting in the parking lot.

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  1. We saw 38 deg once in Greece (although 32-34 was more typical), and my bones welcomed every single degree. It does mean small servings of ice cream make the most sense.

    There are a lot of Italian ice cream makers in Greece – a holdover from the time of the Venetians, perhaps – and they also have creative, tasty flavours.

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