Last blast of Swedishness


My last week(s) in Sweden were very full.  I was working hard to wrap up some projects and communicate the status of everything to the folks at CBF, and also working on a proposal for my next job.  I was also lucky to have some nice goodbye social events.

Swedish postboxes, painted falu-red in Falun.

With everything going on, I thought the kayak trip to Stockholm might be my last Swedish tourist excursion.  Happily I got the chance in my last days to go to Carl Larssons home in Falun with Camilla.  Carl Larsson is arguably Sweden’s most famous and loved artist.  I remember seeing prints of his watercolours at the Einarson’s house, but not realizing at the time they were Swedish.

A Carl Larsson painting in the Sundborn church
The church was being used for a cello-testing session. Another Carl Larson fresco in the background

The museum did not allow any photographs indoors, but you can see some of his paintings here, and most of his interior paintings show his family inside his house. The museum curators have done a lot of work to make sure the rooms match the pictures (no LCD alarm clocks).

The inscription over Carl Larson's reads: welcome dear you, to this house, of Carl Larson and his spouse.
Carl's 'cottage' has been added onto many times

Camilla kindly invited me for another great dinner chez les Lodins (delicious as usual, if you are lucky you will get to eat chantarelle omlette chez moi!) It was as usual a great example of Swedish cooking and local ingredients.

Chantarelle mushrooms. We also saw karl johan svamp. We didn't pick any mushrooms but did pick blueberries and lingons.
A duck eating apples, ubiquitous during the Swedish Fall.

After the museum we did some walking around, taking in the Swedish summer and idyllic surroundings.

So Dala!
A view from the church over the lake.
A wooden house from the 1600's

After walking around Sundborn we went to the Falun wonter sports park where we watched the XC world cup race last year. It is also very nice in the summer, green with flowers and berries. We hiked up to the top for the view, and pause halfway to look at the half-way view and ponder how steep the jump slope is. Oj!

Pre-hike at the bottom of the ski jumps
View from the top!