om ljuset tar oss

Hanging etched plexiglass

Last Friday Divya and I went to the best cafe in Gävle for lunch, which happens to be in the same building as the local art museum. They had a special summer exhibit called om ljuset tar oss (if the light takes us) inspired by and rooted in black metal music culture. It was a small but tightly curated exhibit: very modern with 3 video exhibits, video artifacts, and some sculpture. Divya remembered her camera so the photos are all hers.

Giant, many-meter mural

Divya thought it was a bit dark fro a summer exhibit, having the green light stream in the wall of windows was quite a contrast. However, probably better as a summer exhibit because it would just be too depressing to go out into 2PM darkness after seeing the show.

painted light up sculpture
Me inspecting another dark etching
A description written on the glass of the guard tower.
The tower itself, visible outside the window

Thanks for the photos, Divya!

Me with aggressive wooden sculpture. Honestly, my first reaction to this with its scattered rusted nails was SAFETY HAZARD!!!