Cleared for landing!

The new kitchen

How do you select an apartment when you are searching at a distance? If Hasse is your property agent it is awesome and easy. However, in other cases it is more of a challenge. Saskatoon has a lower vacancy rate and higher rent than Gävle, although we still got to benefit from a helpful colleague-to-be. Thanks Shelley!

The new digs! Bigger than in Gävle or Vancouver, but still urban and 'cozy'.

The new place is downtown across the bridge from the University (walking or biking distance) and has space for guests (because everyone wants to come to Saskatoon!) Despite being in a group of many residential apartment towers we appear to be in a downtown food desert – not sure how long that can last, since Graham and I both like to cook and eat. Too long a walk for groceries and our lettuce will freeze (don’t laugh!) We plan to live car-free as we have in Gävle and Vancouver, but we may rent more often.

The new living room. Sorry, no vaulted ceiling

We get possession on Oct 1. You will still be able to reach us (toll-free from Vancouver) on our 604 number. The directions from Vancouver are easy: drive East for 30 hours. Turn left at Regina and drive another 4 hours or so. See you in 2-3 days!


  1. How great to have local knowledge guiding you, and to see photos. You will love that island, I am sure. When I first saw the diagram, I thought, “They’ll have a real office.” Of course, it’s also good for company. Does your storage room have laundry facilities? Nice to be able to picture where you will be. I’m sure you’ll make it yours in no time.

  2. does it come furnished? Nice big windows!

    Catherine – knowing you I think you’ll have enough hot-water bottles to get your lettuce home before it freezes! (Or maybe not – it does get rather cold in Sk.)

    Looks great! Saskatoon is a bit of a focal point for some Old English/Old Norse studies (one or two key researchers there, including my undergrad supervisor) so I’ll keep my eye out for conferences!

  3. So glad to see you have been able to tick one more thing off the to-do list! Abd to hear that you might have a Hasse surrogate in the Skatch … although our Patron Saint of Canadians in Gävle will be darn tough to compete with.

    Freezing lettuce does seem a bit problematic, but maybe a heat-up bean bag could do the trick?? Heck, I bet Richard could give a few tips on how to heat it up so you can cook your dinner with it while you ride home 😉

    Ha det bra med dina sista dagar i Vancouver. kram

  4. Looks like a nice place – once the leaves are off the tree in font of that window it’ll be even brighter inside. They say Sask has those wonderful blue skies all winter long even though it’s cold. No more grey, soggy days for you 🙂

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