Deeply Moving

A million boxes

I have gotten pretty good at packing and moving, after moving out of and into our Vancouver apartment, and into and out of the Gävle apartment. Now we are getting ready to move out of the Vancouver apartment again and move into the Saskatoon apartment. I thought I had already gone through everything and thrown out any extra stuff before leaving for Sweden, but I found a ton of new stuff to go through this time.

Going through some old documents - ID cards going back to 1997!

Right now the apartment is a mess of boxes and furniture. Last week I went on an Ikea trip with my Dad to pick up some furniture for both apartments, since we are now splitting our 1-bedroom apartment worth of stuff over 3 bedrooms’ worth. The moving van comes in 2 days, and I think we are almost ready!

Impending box-a-lanche!