Catherine’s Agri-tour

Me with a 3-day old chick. CUTE!!! He peeped and chased after me when I left his pen, he is probably crying his eyes out right now.

The University of Saskatchewan has one of Canada’s foremost Agricultural Research Centres.  Part of this means they have University Farms.  Some of these are full-scale offsite (picture the UBC Research Forest but for wheat), some are full-scale onsite (like the 350 ewes that lamb 3 times per year) and some are small-scale onsite (like the poultry barn).

These farms meet several goals: students learning Vet Medicine or Agriculture get exposure to the real thing and do hands-on work on the farms; Agri-researchers can test new feed, care protocols, pen sizes and spacing; Medical researchers have a source of blood from genetically similar animals so they can develop vaccines; and they are also working farms that sell their products.  The milk truck comes by a few times a week, and you can buy USask eggs in local stores (although not branded as such).   Part of my education in Saskatchewan Agriculture will involve visiting the U of S farms, learning about production processes, tasks, seasonality, and the potential hazards.  I am also hoping to do some pilot testing of my exposure assessment methods early next year, so it will be easier if I get to know the folks and the facilities.  I will post about my farm tours as they happen – I am guessing things will be a little different than the 10-acre mixed hobby farms I grew up with.


  1. Crying. His. Eyes. Out.

    Right. Now.

    I love that even with the full industrial Tyvek suit, you have a pretty, sparkly necklace.

  2. Three hundred fifty ewes?? Think of all that wool! Maybe you can start up a new textiles department to further utilize the on-site offerings. I could help in the product testing! Or perhaps it could be a back-door (of your office!) type deal – spinning away in all your spare time. 😉
    Really cool set-up and great to hear so many departments are involved. That is was bigger than the U Guelph facilities!

  3. It took less than 2 month before you talk about farming – guess that’s was Sask is lots about, isn’t it 🙂

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