The arena full of craft booths. I would love to have taken close-up shots of some of the crafts, but they have a no-photo policy at the booths to avoid craft-piracy. What if next year everyone showed up with your original his-and-hers-anatomical-hotdog-roasting-skewers?

One of the cool things in Saskatoon is the Sundog Craft fair.  It is a jurried craft fair with music and hundreds of vendors – each one submitted a portfolio so that there would not be a proliferation of knitted toilet paper covers.  I went with Allison from work.  There was a line-up to get in, and buses arriving from far-off places. Once inside people spread out over the concourse and floor of the arena.  There was a real variety: steel work, jewelry, woodworking big and small, leather craft, painting and photography, sewing, origami, dried flowers, blown glass, pottery, every kind of woolen craft (knit, felting, crochet, alpaca, sheep, acylic).  There was also a big section of local specialty foods – honey, grains, preserves, spices, air-dried jerky, candy, and baking.  The Ukranian ladies society set up a concession with hand-pinched perogies.

It took a while to tour through and see everything, and I am glad we arrived in the morning to void the after-after-lunch press.  It was snowing when we left, and decided to hit up the Farmer’s Market.  There was more going on with the farmer’s market than anytime except our first trip, but instead of outdoor produce stalls there were indoor craft/baking/preserve stalls.  It was a nice day to distract me from Graham’s return to BC for the month.