Holidays in BC

This was so nice to see about 24 hours after getting into town - I had real mountain withdrawl.

I had a great visit to Vancouver over the holidays, with trips to Mission, Seattle, Bellevue, and Blaine. Thanks everyone for visiting and hosting.

Erica and I before heading up - taken with a timer from the hood of an nice SUV/bad tripod

My camera ran out of battery during a snowshoeing trip on day two, and unfortunately I did not bring the charger with me. 🙁 I’ll share the lovely BC mountain shots, and keep all the over memories in my head.

Sunlight filtering into a spacious glen - most of the forest was too thick to go off the trail
The view North from our highest peak
It's nice to see snow on the trees, prairie winds always blow the snow off before too long.


  1. Beautiful pictures – we are spoiled around here, aren’t we? That’s what it kinda looks like in front of our house right now. Snow on the trees in the city 🙂 Better not plan on going anywhere by car even though WE have winter tires.

  2. these pictures are gorgeous! it looks like you and Erica had a stunning trek!
    the mountains miss you too.

    hugs and love

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