More Lentils!

Lentil latkes made with green lentils, and mom's fruit salsa.

The weather has been unseasonably warm in Saskatoon, with lots of + temperatures and no skiing. However, that is set to change this coming week, when it will apparently not get above -20. Time to bust out my new MEC parka! Today we woke up to substantial snow outside, and more in the forecast. Yay!

First you cook the lentils, then blend them up in a food processor, then mix them into the cookie dough. I made enugh lentil puree for some muffins when our bananas get spotty, and a little bit of lentil humus.

I have been doing a lot of work on grant applications this week, so today I took a break and did some creative cooking with inspiration from I made lentil oatmeal cookies and lentil latkes.  I also want to try lentil granola bars, banana lentil muffins, and lentil quesadillas.

Choco-pecan-lentil-oatmeal cookies.