Snow 2012

It didn't take very long for kids to start sliding down the nearest approximation of a hill.

Vancouver got snow on Saturday, but it is probably all gone now; ours will probably stick around for a while if the weather holds to the forecast. This will mean some of the coldest XC skiing I have ever done, but I am keen to get out there and have been studying up on my waxes – looks like violet and green all the way. I bought some klister, but may not use it until March/April.

The bandstand looking nice with some blue sky
Sculptures by the river peaking out of the drifts
Requisite bridge shot


  1. Beautiful snow shots. Looks you get sun after your snow, which is pretty. Much more photogenic than grey skies over snow.

  2. the picture with the toboggan tracks on it looks almost mauvey it is real pretty, and the little sculpture dudes are rad peeking out of the snow.

    good for your for practicing your waxing skills!


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