Awesome Carnaval

'Galo de Madrugada', the rooster of twilight that marks the biggest street party in the world - over 1 million people (1,000,001 with me)

Saturday (my last full day in Brazil) I went to see old Recife during the day, and then met up with some friends-of friends Brazilians and went back there at night for the opening party of Carneval. There were parades with awesome sparkly bikini costumes, marching bands, and tons of dancing. There was also a big concert with a bunch of Brazilian musicians. I didn’t know the songs to be able to sing along like the rest of the crowd, but I busted some moves along with everyone else. Partway through the concert the sky opened up and rain poured down so hard that everyone was soaked within 10 seconds. Everyone pulled of their shirts and kept on dancing (I kept mine on except to wring it out after I got undercover, prudish North American that I am).

The rain crashing the party - I haven't seen rain like this since the Typhoon in Hong Kong

It was great to meet up with new friends – so warm and friendly and welcoming! This would have been a bit intimidating to navigate safely on my own, so big thanks to Denny, Pedro, Chago, Carolina, Pia, and the rest of the gang for being such great guides. Ain’t no party like a Brazilian dance party!

Marco Zero square in old Recife - I am in this crowd looking at the stage.

I didn’t bring my camera because there was a high risk of theft/pickpocketing in the crowds. These photos are from Dairio de Pernambuco, the state daily newspaper.