That was fast…

All our snow is gone now, I think this is the start of Spring so I will see my skis again in November. Sunday I skied on ice-gravel and pinecones, and I was so sad since I hadn’t skied as much as I wanted this year. Yesterday I went paddling on the river. The ice is still stuck to the sides and there is not much floating around so it is mostly safe. I also got some technical tips from the veterans, one of which was “don’t work so hard”. I have never heard that in an athletic context.

At any rate, I am happy there was no gap between skiing and paddling, and looking forward to a summer season on the river. There are still a few weeks before anything gets green and there is dirt and puddles everywhere, but at least it is sunny. 🙂

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  1. What were you paddling – K1? I am always nervous if there is still ice on the water. We got a whole bunch of fresh snow in the mountains – don’t think skiing here will be over for some time.

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