Weekend report

Erica taming the wild creatures

Last weekend Erica came to visit. We were hoping to to skiing, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate so we had to find other activities.  Erica had a walk around town on Thursday while I was at work, then Friday we started out with a hike at Beaver Creek, home of the world’s bravest chickadees.

After our walkabout we went to the Western Development Museum, all about the ‘History of Saskatchewan’. They had some great exhibits, but it was pretty Eurocentric and most of the history started post Riel rebellion Railway conflicts. I am glad that Saskatoon has Wenaskewin to balance this out. Friday night we went to an anti-bullying storytelling night with Ivan Coyote. I have been a fan of the ‘loose ends’ column since I first started reading Xtra West years ago, so I was really happy to see Ivan in Saskatoon. The stories were really funny, and sometimes heartbreaking, and a great example of the personal being political. It was a diverse and progressive and enthusiastic crowd (my people!)

Erica in the 1910 schoolhouse
Me in jail! This jail (spelled gaol) cost $350, the community must have really prioritized it.
The apothecary was one of the funnest spots. You can see how marketing has come a long way, no one would buy 'Diarrhea mixture' now.

Saturday was St Patrick’s day, and despite being between 25-50% Irish, I was not keen on green beer in a scuzzy bar. Instead we went to the Whose Live show; a live Improv version of whose line is it anyway. Ryan Stiles and Greg Proops were in the show, and they even used one of my shouted-out suggestions!

Sunday we went to a yoga class with my favourite Saskatoon yoga teacher (favourite of all time is David, of course). Then we ate some lunch and went for a paddle on the river. It was so great to be in a boat with Erica again – the last time was in Hong Kong in July 2010. We had a quick trip to the zoo and saw wolves, lynx, all kinds of deer and mountain sheep, and some raptors. We got there pretty close to closing time, but it will be worth a trip back. Sunday night Erica took Graham and I for Vietnemese food (pretty good for Saskatoon!) as an early birthday present.

Squirelly nutkin stealing from the birdfeeder

Overall a pretty good weekend, although more memory-making than picture taking. 🙂