Landscape art

Prairie Landscape

Before Christmas I bought some canvases so I’d have something to do on the long indoor evenings. I have done a bit of painting, but hadn’t completed abything. Today I was going to go paddling, but woke up to a -10 snowstorm. I made bread and did some painting instead. One painting took a cvouple hours over 2 sessions, one took about 15min. Can you guess which is which?

West-coast Emily Carr rip-off


  1. These are both awesome, Catherine. I like your take on the river/totem/boat. A lot. What kind of paint do you like to work with?

  2. I have worked with oils only a few times, it is too messy and smelly and the clean up is a pain. Watercolour is ok, but mostly I like acrylic, which is what I used on both of these guys.

  3. Beautiful!!! Both of them. I need some blue motives for my new yellow wall – if you send me a high res picture I could get it printed on Canvas 🙂

  4. you are so awesome sister.
    i love how your express your creativity.

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