Different Methods

Agriculture is a really varied industry in terms of the commodities produced, as well as the tasks, equipment, and labour context involved in production. Prairie wheat farming is really different than cranberries in Fort Langley or tree fruit in California. These conditions combine to produce a wide variety of hazards, although the ILO is consistent in calling agriculture a dangerous industry.

One thing that is interesting is that the exact same commodity can result in very different conditions. This video shows pork farming in Australia, where the barns are open air so they use flame-throwing to sanitize and they don’t seem to have biosecurity rules. They also use natural insemination and birthing, and seem to have fairly small herds.

The video ends with a butchering segment, which talks about the types of cuts of meat, so opt out if that is not up your alley. The worst part of the video for me was the meat saw, which I think calls for some guards and goggles (bone chips can blind you just like wood chips!)