Victoria and the West shore

Taking the first ferry Tswassen-Swartz Bay. Great weather for sitting out on the deck and wildlife-spotting.

Hasse and Elja visited us for a week and we were happy to show them around Vancouver. It was a nice visit and we covered a lot of ground in 7 days. After a day of time-acclimatizing, we went to Vancouver Island for a few days. We had lots of outdoorsy time, some touristing around town, and picnics overlooking the sea.

Hasse and Elja clinging to the cliff on the Mt Finlayson Climb. I said this was ‘not really a mountain, but more of a hill’ so that I wasn’t overselling the height. However, the nature of the climb/scramble, steepness of the trail, and minor bouldering might have been underplayed somewhat….
Finlayson Arm seen from the old family cabin
Mt Finlayson seen from the old family cabin. Hill or mountain? You decide!
Hasse and Elja looking out towards Japan from the West Coast of the island. We didn’t see any tsunami debris. It was come to Haida Gwaii but has not come this far south yet.