Fuck Yeah Saskatoon Jazz Festival!

Looking back from the stage at the Bessborough

The Saskatoon Jazz festival started this week in Saskatoon.  Over 10 days there are more than 40 free outdoor concerts and the city has really come alive.  There is free bike valet at all the venues, bbq and vodka lemonade vendors, and even a bit of pot smoke.  The Mainstage at the Bessborough hotel has general admission festival seating and has some big acts: Michael Franti, Janelle Monae, and Feist.  I was lucky enough to see Feist last night before flying to Vancouver.

Timbre Timbre


The opening act was Timber Timbre and I was impressed. Not exactly ‘rocking out’, but very atmospheric and moody.  I really loved the singer’s voice, I think their songs would make a great soundtrack for film (maybe they can get launched internationally on True Blood?)  I hadn’t heard them before going to the concert, and I actually like them better live (I could feel the kick drum!)

A crappy jostling phone picture of Feist

Feist was fantastic, super high energy and a great mix of songs. Some had a completely new arrangement – ‘Mushaboom’ followed out of ‘How come you never go there’ and ‘My moon my man’ was set to an awesome reggae beat.  The crowd was singing along and Feist was an all-star with audience participation. The crowd was *mostly* cool, although this being Saskatoon there were a few drunken assholes. Overall a good night and I am glad I got to see Saskatoon at its best.