More pictures from sister visit 2012

Friday had ‘funnel clouds’ AKA tornadoes! I took the day off work, but there was Tornado prep at the hospital (Code T). Elizabeth and I were walking most of the day, luckily we were safe the whole time, encountering only some hail.

Here are some photos from Elizabeth’s visit, with minimal comment. Perhaps Elizabeth can narrate in the comments?

Teepees set up for a War of 1812 memorial event. We missed this event due to rain and eating breakfast poutine at the Hollows restaurant.
Elizabeth enjoying the Riverlanding spray park in the hot sun
Elizabeth took this photo at Prairie Dog City
Iconic bridge shot by Elizabeth

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  1. even though most saskatooners see prairie dogs as destructive pests, i thought they were rather charming warming their little bodies cautiously in sunny prairie dog city.
    thank you so much for the awesome tour catherine! you are a hostess with the mostest! Next time i look forward to seeing the art gallery and tumble weeds!
    I was stoked to get to see some tunnel clouds!
    so awesome.
    thank you sister.

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