Double Happiness

The lovely couple!

What a beautiful wedding! Tim and Andrea were married on Sunday in a quiet outdoor ceremony in Vancouver. The reception was at the outstanding Sun Sui Wah restaurant. It was so great to see everyone that I haven’t seen in ages: SOEH folks, OHSAH folks, and Andrea’s family.

We were lucky to get a photo with the bride and groom 🙂
Salomeh and I

No pictures of the food, but it was an exceptional 10-course banquet with lots of fancy seafood and lots of veggie options. The wedding cake was tiers of cupcakes – so awesome! As with everything Andrea does, there was tremendous attention to detail and everything rolled out with perfect timing. Food and speeches were all perfect, and MC Auntie Val was delightful. I wish I could have spend 2 more weeks in Vancouver to spend some more time with Tim and Andrea instead of having to leave after the weekend. Next time!

OHSAH injury prevention reunion! (almost)

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  1. absolutely beautiful couple, my congratulations!

    and lovely photos; Catherine you look so pretty!

    hugs and love,

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