Saskatoon Race

Graham and Fiona. I guess he is smiling because they are just playing with the other boats.

Two weekends ago was the Saskatoon Race, mens/women’s boats on Saturday and Mixed boats on Sunday. Doreen sent me some pictures she took on the dock. I think this race was something like 17km, made up of several laps close to the city. Lots of turns, upstream and downstream sections, not too long, and I had a really good partner so it should have been a great race. Unfortunately I felt like a pile of crap for most of the race. I was working hard the whole way, but did not feel technically efficient and did not really develop a good rhythm until 2 km in. No glide and no jump is not a good combination! Maybe the holiday in BC caught up to me that day. Anyway, Graham had a good race with Fiona and they won easily, I think we were 4th or 5th. Graham and I have paddled together a few times since then, so maybe we will race together someday.

Me and Alex chasing Milan and Bev. No smiles from me, Owch!