Birthday Celebrating!

the Birthday Girl, and her sweetie, Fetchington, having a snuggle.

October 14 was Mom’s 70th birthday party at my parent’s home in Mission. What a fun day! Elizabeth and I had been planning it for weeks, and happily many of our family and friends were able to make the trip. Even Koljeet, my Mom’s best friend from childhood and maid of honour made it! It was a great event, and I hope those of you that were there enjoy reliving the memories with the photos. Thank you all for coming, Mom was delighted. It was also really great for me to see some folks that I had not seen since leaving for Sweden.

Sandra Krotez and Tania Chiasson provided the edible love for the party.

I was daunted at the idea of flying into Vancouver, grocery shopping, and cooking for more than 30 people, but I wanted to throw mom a party, not invite a bunch of people and give her the job of feeding them. Mom has fed all of us many MANY times, and even though she loves cooking and nurturing and hosting, she deserved a break from the kitchen jobs. So, the even was catered by the fabulous Silver Teapot Company, owned by family friend Tania. The food was outstanding: an Italian-themed tea/luncehon. Here is menu:

Fresh Figs wrapped in Proscuitto
Citrus and Rosemary Marinated olives
Seasonal Grilled Vegetables
Marinated Artichokes
Oven Dried Roma Tomatoes
Caramelized Onion Foccacia
Tuscan White Bean Crostini
Parmigano Reggiano drizzled with honey
Insalata Mista (Mixed local greens)
Panzanella(Grilled bread salad)
Pesto Orzo Pasta Salad
Pasta Shells stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta in Marinara
Cornmeal dusted scones with Marscapone creama
Amaretti, Biscotti, Brutti ma Buoni
Limoncello Lemon Tarts

It was wonderful to be able to mingle and hangout with guests which was made possible by my dear friend Tania, and her catering and full Tea service company, Silver Teapot Company. They even brought stunning porcelain, and did the dishes! A few people have asked about the catering; you can contact the Silver Teapot Company via email at:

Dad provided coffee service, which was delicious as always, dad! And with the help of his new carafe he was able to ‘stay ahead of the demand’ for delicious fresh-ground nectar of the gods.

Here are some silly time pictures:

Many of us took a turn ‘distracting’ dad from his coffee duties with silly photo time.
Here David, Dad, and Catherine posing for ‘silly picture’


Dad, coffee filter in hand, engaging in a little picture silly time with Daniel.

Now Daniel is taller!




Here are some pictures of our treasured celebrating guests:

Seated visiting time in the living room

Raynn Beau and myself posing for a selfie.





Daniel and myself posing

Kolo and I posing for a picture.

Rob & Judy Peach

Graham and Daniel

Cousin Sean and I posing it up

lovely ladies!

looks like mischief with Pat & Lester

great food inspires great conversation

David and I, hams are we. 🙂

Mary & Austin, and Tom & Bernie with the Bir

the Birthday girl and I

Informercial smiles while refreshing hot bevies 🙂

David and Catherine show their stunning celebration smiles, and Raynn Beau busts out some silly time.

Trask Boys!

leaning in for a little picture time: Paddy, Kolo, Shirley and Sean.

Judy and Rob Peach having a couch visit with Dad.

having a good chuckle.

pre-cake delight



Cake Time with Tania Chiasson’s family recipe, to complete our stunning meal with Italian themed decadence, was a Tiramisu light as air, and rich and creamy, and made with love.  Thank you for such an amazing celebration treat Tania!

Tania presenting Annabelle with her gorgeous birthday cake.

having surely made a wish, Annabelle blows out her candles and we prepare to devour that lovely treat.

 Throughout the event there were many lil’ Fae who added to the celebration by gradually sneaking in mini sugar-pumpkins, 70 of them to be precise, one at a time, and hiding them all over the house to be found for days to come. Well done David! This kind gesture was a gradual surprise that escalated when Annabelle stole away to use the loo, and then the remaining pumpkins were brought in all at once, and Annabelle emerged to a pumpkin-punctuated party! (sometimes alliteration happens)

Guest book and pumpkin, awww.


lovely little sugar-pumpkins lining the stair case

A rainy autumn event needs to have a place to put the soggy jackets, here M&D’s king-sized bed covered in a shower curtain is providing a safe and dry surface for the coats.


Thank you so very much everyone who came, we hope you had a lovely time.  Thank you very much for braving the weather and joining in on celebrating mum’s birthday.

Thank you to Tania, Sandra and the Silver Teapot Company for the beautiful food, and piece of mind, you provided for our celebration.

Happy Birthday Mum, you sure know how to party.