Field Trips


This Friday my Environmental Health class is going to do field trip(s). It is a graduate-level Public Health class of 70 (!?!?!?), so it originally we thought it wouldn’t be possible to do field trips.  This happened in Sweden also, and the class had to watch the movie ‘Norma Rae‘ as an Occ Health discussion starter instead.  However, I figured in SK I knew more people and could afford to be a little more creative… so we decided to split the class into two groups and offer two trips during regular class time to avoid scheduling conflicts.

I will bring a group to the U of S heat plant to learn about occupational hazards of heat, asbestos, and lock out, as well as environmental hazards like refrigerants and other greenhouse emissions.

My colleague and teaching partner Lalita will bring some students to the U of S waste management facility, which you can virtually tour as well.

Hopefully I’ll remember to bring my camera.  🙂