One more year


It has been a busy week, such that having a birthday barely made an impact.  It is nice to be a grown-up and  contributing tax payer.  It’s sometimes strange think of myself as older, until I see the wee undergrads squeaking and scurrying about and I realize I have some adult gravitas (actually in the form of increased gravitational force, middle-age approaching!)

On my birthday I suited up in my parka to brave the -19 temperatures and screaming wind on the walk over the bridge to the University.  Before I crossed the alley, a car honked at me and a woman in her 80s asked if I wanted a ride to the University.  Feck yeah!

Once inside and buckled up she explained she was going that way anyway, and when she saw me with my backpack and ‘looking so young’ she thought I must be headed to the University.  I guess ‘young’ is relative? Anyway, it was a great, unexpected birthday present to be spared the walk and also get some perspective. Thanks Mavis!

Despite that delightful interlude, the extended winter has me fantasizing about escape plans. Who ever heard of a white Easter? Liz Phair and I are getting ready to fire up the batmobile and head somewhere we can speak the language.

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  1. Catherine, you inspire me.

    I love the tenderness and raw perspective you share. I love the cutest ‘walk’ to work ever, with Mavis celebrating your youth.
    I am sending a warm care-bear stare to Mavis right now, thanks for bringing some warmth, if not sunshine then at least let there please be warmth, in Saskatizzle for my brave sister, on her birthday.

    You are so awesome, and doing such a good job, my brave sister.

    I am sending hugs and love to you and Graham. I am thinking of you.

    sister e

    Remember that book we had when we were little, with the little dragon named serendipity?

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