Eff yeah!
Eff yeah!

My cool cousin Anita told me about the decentralized dance party a few years ago. From the DDP party manifesto: “It is the complete loss of the social conditioning that makes adult life monotonous and depressing and has the power to be a transformational spiritual experience.” It involves silly costumes and props, no cover, alcohol and drugs discouraged, and total accessibility regardless of age or income.

Skytrain station party!
Skytrain station party!

Folks bring along battery-powered boom boxes and a DJ transmits the party music on a portable mini transmitter so everyone within 100m can brooadcast it on their boom boxes. The best use of Duracells ever! Cool, right?

“…the prime objective at a DDP is celebrating life, enjoying music and having fun- not getting drunk and being an idiot.”


Crowded but welcoming... Who knew the skytrain could bounce?
Crowded but welcoming… Who knew the skytrain could bounce?

Last night started with a great chicken dinner and games night at David’s place, and he mentioned DDP was in town (timely text from Anita). Awesome! After toasting midnight we headed home on the RAV line… and caught the party train! So awesome! We were in our civilian clothes but still got to rock out with the best-natured rave-hippies in the lower mainland. Well done, Tom and Gary!
I am now a fan and will be recruiting Elizabeth’s excellent costuming skillz for this next time (although she was probably there and just on the other end of the train).

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  1. I invited Elizabeth when they were last in Vancouver but she was busy. I am stoked they are back again to liven up our city in a really cool way. I went with Kinoi and Koa and Tui. The event was mostly over but still incredibly wonderful. So much support from all the local authorities and police to party one and dance it up. We handed out helium balloons to the enthusiastic/exhausted dancers. I was really impressed. I think you are right, appeal to Elizabeth’s costuming skills and she will bring something they have never even seen before.

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