Vancouver kitty report


Maggie lives in the Hemlock-house apartment complex with our favourite neighbours. She is super cute and friendly and has been there quite a few years longer than us. When we lived here full-time, she’d come up fairly frequently to visit, sit on the sofa, and drink some milk from a saucer. However, the last couple of years she have been moving a bit slower and hasn’t been making the trip up to the fourth floor.

Getting pets is her favourite.  Bridget's too!
Getting pets is her favourite. Bridget’s too!

UPDATE! Monday morning Bridget and I met Maggie in the courtyard and she COULD NOT WAIT to run up the stairs with us and visit the apartment. So cute! She stayed for a while, got lots of pets and (of course) a saucer of milk.

What a sweetie!

-Everyone who meets Maggie