Publications in 2014

From a different point of view

I’m not sure if this is going to be miles ahead of 2013, but here are my publications for 2014.  Many more got submitted than last year, and for the first time many of them were not with me as the first author, but my students. Publications are an important part of academic performance, so showing some growth and momentum in this area is good for a junior researcher like me.  Here is the countdown:

  1. Pickett, W., King, N.; Trask C.; Michaelson, V., Marlenga, B., Hagel, L.; Dosman, J. for the Saskatchewan Farm Injury Study Team. (2015)  Factors related to self-perceived health in rural men and women.  Accepted for publication in the Journal of Agromedicine.
  2. Pickett, W., King, N.; Lawson, J.; Dosman, J.; Trask C.; Brison, R.; Hagel, L.; Janssen, I. for the Saskatchewan Farm Injury Study Team (2014)  Farmers, mechanized work, and links to obesity.  Preventative Medicine.
  3. Bath, B., Trask, C., McCrosky, J., Lawson, J. (2014) A biopsychosocial profile of adult Canadians with and without chronic back disorders. Accepted for publication in Biomed Research International, Manuscript ID 91962.
  4. Trask, C., Kirychuk, S. (2014) Musculoskeletal Symptoms and Biomechanical Exposures in Intensive Swine Production. Journal of Agromedicine 19(2):245-246
  5. Trask C., Mathiassen S.E., Wahlström J., Forsman, M. (2014) Cost-efficient assessment of biomechanical exposure in occupational groups, exemplified by posture observation and inclinometry. Accepted for publication at the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment, and Health;
  6. Bath, B., Trask, C., McCrosky, J., Lawson, J. (2014) Demographic and health characteristics of rural- and urban-dwelling Canadians with chronic back disorders: A population-based comparison. Accepted for publication in Spine.
  7. Guarrasi, J., Trask, C., Kirychuk, S. (2014) Prevalence and Occupational Impact of Arthritis in Saskatchewan Farmers.  Accepted for publication Journal of Agromedicine.
  8. Taylor-Gjevre , R.M.,  King, N., Trask, C., Koehncke , N., Injury Cohort Study Team. (2014) Prevalence and Occupational Impact of Arthritis in Saskatchewan Farmers.  Submitted to Journal of Agromedicine.

Also, there were another 5 submitted but not yet accepted, as well as a non-peer-reviewed publication:

  1. Trask, C., Bath, B., Busch, A., Boden, C., and Koehncke, N.  Prevalence and Risk Factors of, and Health Care Utilization for Low Back Disorders in Farmers: a Systematic Review Protocol.  PROSPERO: International prospective register of systematic reviews. (2014) Unique Identification number: CRD42014013247 Available from:

Onward and upward!