New Publications

Too much sitting is bad for you!
Too much sitting is bad for you!

I have written before about the need for researchers to publish. That is even more true when one is applying for tenure!

2013 has not exactly been a banner year, especially compared to my friend Sarah who published TWELVE (12!!!) last year.  Clearly I need to cultivate an army of productive graduate students who will lead the charge.  Although recruitment is still very slow, the students I have are doing very well: one just won a research poster competition and two will go to present at the Saskatchewan Epidemiology Conference. They have worked very hard and I am really proud of them!

Sometimes publications are slow because ACTUAL RESEARCH is happening.  I didn’t publish anything in 2011, but that’s because I was collecting and processing reams of data with the flight loader study.  I think that is the case now, there are quite a few publications that are under review or just about to be submitted.  Of course, there are also a few protocol (methods) papers that have been submitted and rejected several times and which I am about to give up on…  if nothing else, research builds resilience and perseverance.

Along with the PREMUS award-winner, I also presented two papers at the ACE conference in Whistler and sent a paper along to the North American Agricultural Safety Summit.  In addition to the long-term-study-in-perseverance paper, there are a few successes this year:

  1. Trask C. (2013)  Preliminary Ergonomic Evaluation of Barn Tasks in Intensive Swine Production. Journal of Agromedicine, Oct, 18(4).
  2. Trask C., Mathiassen S.E., Jackson, J., Wahlström J. (2013) Post-data collection processing costs for three posture assessment methods. BMC Medical Research Methodology 13(124): 1-14
  3. Trask C., Mathiassen S.E., Wahlström J., Forsman, M. (2013) Cost-efficient assessment of biomechanical exposure in occupational groups, exemplified by posture observation and inclinometry. Conditionally accepted at the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment, and Health; Manuscript# SJWEH 183/13

I have two others that are under review, and plan to submit 3 more before the year’s end.  Fingers crossed!