Lost in translation


I was pretty shocked to see this set of notes in a public washroom at the University. Who bags their poop? Is this really an issue? But relatedly (since we are talking about it), if only poop and toilet paper go in the toilet, WHERE DOES PEE GO? This will require more (and sturdy) bags.

Where does someone get the idea to bag and dispose their poop anyway?  If you’ve never traveled more distantly, it might seem like using water to flush human waste into sanitary sewers is a universal, and that combining pee, poop, and toilet paper with 5 gallons of water is just the obvious way to do things.  BUT(T)… this isn’t the standard everywhere.  Even some places where water is used, used toilet paper is not thrown down the toilet, but stored in a garbage can and incinerated, composted, or landfilled. That would take some getting used to if you are in that scenario for the first time, just like throwing toilet paper down the toilet for the first time must seem like a wasteful example of poor water stewardship.  So… if you’re in a situation where everything is already different and people are dealing with waste in a way you’ve never seen or heard of, you need to be prepared to adapt and keep up with local customs.  University of Saskatchewan has lots of international students, so ostensibly there are some people adapting to customs that are new to them.

With that in mind, enjoy the Uni-approved sign below, found inside the door of public washrooms.


TOILET PAPER ONLY.  If that is all that goes in, then poop needs to go somewhere.   Really, we should feel lucky that shit was in a bag.