COVID-19 Travel part 1

“Face-covering required”

We left Saskatchewan on June 26, and started driving west. With pay-at-the-pump and a cooler full of food, there was not really any need for us to see or contact people on our way to BC. Our trip to Vancouver Island delivered the first ‘mass transportation’ experience: BC Ferries.

Photo op on the ferry through Active Pass
But this is how we actually looked for 90% of the time on the ferry

For much of the Spring, each ferry ran at partial capacity and did not allow folks to go upstairs but instead stay in their cars for the voyage. Since folks were staying home, there was a lot less demand and many ferry sailings were cancelled.

By the time we traveled in the first week of July, folks were allowed upstairs on the decks and to use the bathrooms. Lots of the seats and the indoor playground were closed off, but otherwise it seemed weirdly like a normal ferry trip, just with face coverings. Folks seems eager to get out and about again. We’ll see how COVID-19 air travels compares in the coming weeks.