Lilla Skogen

Pony field full of wild flowers backing onto a forest

One of the best things about our new apartment is the immediate access to a rad forested park (picture Stefon from SNL). This park has everything: forest trails, fields of wild flowers, workout stations, icelandic ponies, and even some cats out hunting mice.

The forest is part of a large National Park which spans a large portion of Northern Stockholm. There is a sizable pond with swans and also a former ski hill/mini-jump called Fiskartorpet that is now a conference centre.

Regular Ordinary Swedish Workout

Around every corner there seems to be a ‘motionsplats’ or workout spot; these often have chin up bars, incline benches, and various size logs attached to the ground or at waist height by a hinge for log lifting. At one, we even found a the viking kettlebell! It’s not as heavy as it looks, but definitely feels rugged and badass.

In the spirit of allemansrätten we’ve also picked berries. As local news reports show, this is a great year for berries and apples, maybe the right combination of rain, sun, and bees all at the right time to make a lot of fruit. No mushrooms yet, but there are lots in the forest and we have some local mushroom hunting buddies, so that may be on the agenda for the coming weeks.