Seen around town

The chruch in Sundbyberg

Our work has kept as close to home (or office) during the week, but we have still had a chance to see some things around town. We took a trip to the immigration office in suburb Sundbyberg and got to see the lovely big church and brick tower at the top of the hill (‘berg’ means mountain, which seems generous).

The brick tower at Sundbyberg

This has led to a pêle-mêle of snapshots and observations, assembled into this potpourri post.

Staying close to home has not been a hardship, since there has been lots of great stuff to see around here, even as close as our own deck.

Hot air balloon over campus

The Stockholm Archipelago is nearby/all around us, so while the weather is good and there is daylight we are taking the opportunity to explore some of that. Last weekend we went to Lindingö and hiked on the forest trail that is the venue for the (up to) 60km Lindingöloppet, a foot race with 60-thousand of competitors …like a SunRun through the forest.

Fancy waterfront house on Lindingö, a fancy archipelago island and well-to-do suburb