KTH Campus – downtown

Moody and atmospheric at Uni-castle. These stone cobbles are no joke, and would be COMPLETELY unavigable in heels even for Elizabeth

We’ve been living on the main downtown campus of KTH for a month now, but I haven’t written too much about it. KTH is about 200 yrs old, and you can see that in some of the buildings and the stone cobbles. (This is nothing compared to Uppsala University’s 540y rs, but it is rude to talk about age too much anyway.)

Our international relocation apartment is ours for a maximum of 12 months, and the guide to finding other accommodations specifically says not to get used to the subsidized price or central location – odds are one will be paying more and commuting more when the first year is up. So we are enjoying it while we can!

This week I went to pick up a special loan at the big main library, and was inspired to take some photos. It is cool and atmospheric, and like most libraries here has a cafe/bistro so you can curl up with a latte and your new loaners.